On the Red Carpet for Butter….

© Grecel Nepomuceno 2011

I decide to stop by the red carpet event for Butter just so I can catch a glimpse of Hugh Jackman, but apparently, he couldn’t make it because he’s promoting Reel Steel on the other side of the world. (Popsugar) Nevertheless, I manage to catch other famous people who are in this movie – Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde, and Ashley Greene. I suppose Alicia Silverstone was there but I can’t tell. I’m so far away. A crowd already started to form before 5pm.

© Grecel Nepomuceno 2011

Olivia Wilde, you look stunning tonight with your long flowing dress. It captures all the light as the flashes go off and you look like an angel. It suits you. I can’t believe you walked in my direction when I called out to you to walk my way. Maybe I should have called out again because you didn’t make it all the way to where I am standing. So many people leaning forward with their cameras and I am almost crushed by a big fat man who thinks he can see better over my short stature. I didn’t get to see. Thank you anyway. I should try harder next time.

© Grecel Nepomuceno 2011

I’m sorry I couldn’t get a better shot of Jennifer Garner (or any of them really.) I need a telephoto lens like the professionals. I also jacked up the ISO to HO3 which I think someone said is ISO 12,000 and something. For those of you who want to zoom in, the quality is not great because there is more noise with high ISO. Better luck next time, I say to myself. I’m not so sure I’d be patient enough to wait for hours just to get those great shots.

© Grecel Nepomuceno 2011

Yara Shahidi – a ten year old who plays Destiny in this movie


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