TIFF: On the Red Carpet for Trespass

© Grecel Nepomuceno 2011

Day seven of TIFF, I happen to be in the Yorkville area with my family when I come across Lainey and Traci of eTalk. These ladies are tall and I have a picture taken with them. Yes Traci, I think you did CP24 before (you can correct me if I’m wrong) and I messaged you about your beautiful hair. As I called it, eTalk names Olivia Wilde best dressed of the day on the red carpet for Butter with her beautiful flowing dress…

Now, what I realize hanging out at these red carpet events, you start to hear stories of other people’s experiences. So I may not know everything about Hollywood and famous people. I even made a mistake naming someone in an earlier post. It seems by now I am not the only one who can name people wrong. Waiting around at the Butter event, I get to talking with someone and we show each other photos of who we’ve captured and what we’ve heard about famous people.

© Grecel Nepomuceno 2011

I decide to go see Nicolas Cage for Trespass. It seems hopeless consider- ing his popularity, however, I do find a “good spot.” It has already been announced that Nicole Kidman will not be in attendance. I find out later that she had not checked in and is likely with her husband, Keith Urban, who is touring.

At Trespass, I hear of a guy who already went to a gala or two. I think he says he works or volunteers for TIFF. He tells us about the night before for Butter and how the ladies walked passed the fans. Someone must have said something because later Jennifer Garner walks out to sign autographs. The same guy then talks about how he meets Viggo Mortensen at the hotel and seems to be checking out. “Leaving already?” he says. Viggo apparently has “friends” and wants to hang out. It’s unbelievable. Viggo later gets dropped off – maybe at the hotel where this guy seems to be around all the time – in an unlikely normal car. This guy points out Viggo to a photographer who doesn’t believe him until Viggo turns around to give a peace sign. He then talks of Nicolas Cage and how Nicolas Cage is the nicest actor ever. He’s even surprised at the small crowd and hopes more come out. (This at 7pm. More come out by 9pm). Later, someone else talks to a security guard and we hear more about how nice Nicolas Cage is and how he tried to sign autographs for everyone one time.

Joel Schumacher, Director © Grecel Nepomuceno

People are now excited as the first car pulls up and it’s the director, Joel Schumacher. The crowd need a little prompting, but once they get into it, Joel can’t get enough of it. He’s so much fun. He keeps going back to the fans to sign autographs and take pictures. If you can’t point him out in the photo, he’s seemingly glowing in the center under the umbrella.

© Grecel Nepomuceno 2011

The second car pulls up and in it is Nicolas Cage and the crowd goes wild. He really works the crowd and walks up and down the length of the barrier. He finally comes my way. By now, it’s hard to gauge what settings I should use. People’s flashes are going off. As quickly as he comes, he goes past me. I barely have a chance and my camera does not cooperate the moment I really want it to – when Nicolas Cage is right in front of me. I did get a couple of shots. As he passes, he thanks everyone for coming out. During this whole time, quite a few cars pass through to drop off other cast members. I’m glad the director made a big deal of himself knowing who he is up against. He had fun.

© Grecel Nepomuceno 2011

Vintage effect: Nicolas Cage © Grecel Nepomuceno 2011


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