September Photographs

I admit that I have been busy lately and have not been able to commit to taking more photographs or blog. This said, I have been receiving feedback from friends who have visited my site and told me how much they like my stories and/or photographs. I thank everyone. It’s not easy (as I’m sure many of you can relate) to put ourselves out there much less our own works of art.

© Grecel Nepomuceno 2011

Today’s blog is about September and how much I love this month. Not necessarily because I’m born in this month (I’m a December baby) but because I love the weather around this time of year. This is the time where the weather is not too hot or not too cold. It’s just right as Goldilocks would say. When I was younger, I used to love the hot hot summer weather. Now that I’m older, I find the summer weather too much and I get heat rash. Then I run into some place like a mall or restaurant and find I need a sweater because the air conditioning is pumped too high and it feels like winter.

© Grecel Nepomuceno 2011

The photographs today are scenes taken along the Lakeshore boardwalk just south of Hurontario and Lakeshore in Mississauga. Almost midday on September 2, I head out to this location. I don’t come often but I love it. My favourite, Timothy’s, is not too far off and I can always grab a hazelnut hot chocolate should I decide to afterwards. It’s a great place. There’s even a parkette where the cafe is and plenty of people hang out while their children play on this unusually designed hilly green grass.

© Grecel Nepomuceno 2011

It’s almost midday and there is fog coming off from the lake. It’s sign of the times that the weather is starting to change. The lake looks serene as the ducks swim by quietly. As I bend over to grab something from my camera bag, I notice not just an awesome spider web, but one with droplets of water on them. I don’t have a macro lens. So I do my best to capture it with what I have. Most of the images come out partially or fully blurred. However, with some editing skills, I’m happy with how the photo comes out.

This year’s Fall Equinox is on September 23 at 9:04am. Take part in a celebration or festivity. In Christian tradition, Michaelmes, or Feast of St. Michael and All Angels, is celebrated around the time of fall Equinox because St. Michael’s feast day is September 29. There are other celebrations such as mid-Autumn moon festival (China) or Higan (Japan) which is celebrated by Buddhists for a week for both spring and fall equinoxes. In Greek mythology, it is the time when Persephone returns to the underworld to live with her husband Hades.
© Grecel Nepomuceno 2011

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  1. i can so relate to your love of September… it is my birthday month (-: but that is not why. i too used to love the hot hot weather, until my mid 30’s and then it started to get on my nerves, and make me feel ill. and then i freeze every time i enter a building. can’t win! anyway, September is fantastic. i shared some photos yesterday on my blog of a lovely September day in Connecticut. Thanks for your great photos!

    • Thanks so much, skybluewithdaisies! Cheers on your birthday this month.

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