Summer Flirt

Bar scene. He sees her from across the room and wants to know her more. A song plays in the background – Edwyn Collins “A Girl Like You.” She is with her friends and having a great time. He walks over and says [fill in the blank].

How many times have this scene played out in real life? While the dating scene is quite scary this day and age, especially with online dating and social media, people are still going to have their fun and find love somehow. I’m a sucker for romance and like watching how things unfold between two people. I often asked couples how they met and love to hear their stories.

I haven’t owned a car for four years now and have been taking transit. I recall back to the time when I first got my job and I had to take transit to and from work prior to purchasing my first car. On the way home, I was mindlessly watching the car next to the bus at a traffic light. It was a convertible with the top down and two young men. It dawned on me they were making flirtatiously making eye contact to the woman at the back of the bus (we both had window seats looking out on the same side of the bus.) She completely ignored them but I had this smirk on my face. They caught me looking at them looking at the lady. They then proceeded to do the same flirtatious eye contact with me. I played along and started to lick my lips. We all broke out in smiles and laughter as the light turned green and they went ahead to pass the bus.

On another occasion six years ago, my sister was getting married. There were so many things to do and I had to get my bridesmaid dress done in downtown Toronto. On our way to the dressmaker one day, we were driving up Bathurst near Yorkdale Mall. Along the way, we saw a very much elderly couple (over 80 at least) still hand in hand with the woman holding a bouquet of flowers. Even if she couldn’t hold the flowers upright and it was nearly falling out of her hands in a downward position, it was very sweet and made me believe that love still exists.

During the recent Hot Docs Film Festival, Rick Springfield’s movie An Affair of the Heart was playing. It was more for his fans and he was in town to promote it. During an interview on the Marilyn Denis Show, he said he’s been married for 30 years now. That is highly unusual for someone in the music industry. Makes me admire him.

So while I look forward to finding someone in my life if it ever happens, I think back to all the horrible pick up lines I’ve heard. Why not just say hello and get to know me instead?

It’s summer. Bring on the fun.

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