A Reason to Smile

As a photographer, I have come across all sorts of people, mostly people who are uncomfortable being in front of the camera. Some may have self image issues and would rather have something changed about themselves. Or they feel awkward posing. Others, I understand, do not want their photos plastered all over the internet. It is easier to work with people I build relationships with because there is a trust factor. I do feel that even if you don’t like photographs, at the very least smile because you look so much better than having having an arm across your face.

Here is an article written by Kike Calvo of National Geographic on smiling. My dad subscribed to National Geographic for years. It is a source of inspiration for me and why I got into photography.



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  1. The following blog post, “A Reason to Smile Greceln’s Blog” shows that you comprehend just what exactly u are speaking about! I personally definitely approve. Many thanks -Octavia

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