© All Rights Reserved

© All Rights Reserved

How many of you have hung out with a crowd of creative people?

What I’ve noticed for a long time is how they seemingly live comfortably in their own skin and radiate a certain kind of mojo about them. I actually do admire them a lot for following their own paths. I especially like people with a lot of flair. I’m not just talking about creative people; anyone really who exhibits personality – the hard rocker who I came across years ago with a style of her own who exhibited kindness with confidence and a smile; and Brice Johnston who gave his opinions during tribal council in Survivor before being voted off. You get the idea.

At a photo shoot, the model came in with a couple of costume changes, both of which she made herself. Nothing elaborate, but enough to go with the theme she had in mind. She had discussed how she had all these ideas running in her mind and she can’t wait to create these costumes in latex nonetheless. The photo above is the model with her Harlequin costume. At first I didn’t get it. But as I started to edit her images, I researched what it was all about. Harlequin is not just a romantic publishing company. He is one of the most popular comic servant characters, known as zanni, introduced by Tristano Martinelli in Itallian Commedia dell’arte. He wore a checkered costume. The name itself was derived from a mischievous “devil.” (Read more on this:

Moving forward on my journey as a photographer, I have come across many professionals in my field. As I understand, it’s highly competitive and we’re all trying to get by. Still I move forward because in the end, I cannot think for a minute how my life would be like if I didn’t try. That would be a bigger regret than trying at all. On a discussion with one photographer, he said it’s a matter of finding my own mojo and being able to relate to people. My own style will come out.

On this note, I am happy to say I have an official website.

Check it out here:

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