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In retrospect, I look back as to why I picked up a camera in the first place – it was to capture the best moments in my life. These include travel, events and people. The truth is… I’ve always been jealous of those who could capture a moment in a single photo and make it look amazing. As in the case while flipping through many National Geographic magazines. While there were many amazing images, one struck me as memorable – the vibrant green moss growing on vastly tall trees of a forest. I have also been in awe of those I knew personally who took photos of landscapes and family. They looked so professional.

This is when I decided to buy a DSLR and learn. Here are some of my travel photos put together in a short video clip.

Locations in this video:

Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse and Welcome Centre, Nova Scotia
Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, Hamilton, Ontario
Tierra del Fuego National Park, Argentina
Point Pelee National Park, Leamington, Ontario
Cavendish, Prince Edward Island
Beagle Channel, Patagonia, South America
Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park, Ontario
Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Crack, Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario
Anne of Green Gables, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

I look forward to creating more memories and capturing them on camera.


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