Light Photography

Most often when I do work for my company or through freelance work, I like to keep them confidential unless I’m given permission for portfolio purposes. For portfolio work, I head to the studio. This way, I have permission from the model to post their images and people can see what I can do.

On June 15th, I managed to drop in at the studio as a last minute decision to catch one of their workshops (posted that morning) that was held in the evening. The theme was patterns and lights. I worked with both Canon and Nikon during the light photogrpahy portion. Both cameras were on a tripod with Canon having a wider shot. I wanted to see if there was a difference between the two cameras. Aside from the slight variation in settings, the images were slightly different in that Canon had a warmer tint. I was able to warm up the images for Nikon in the editing stage. Here’s what I took:

Lights and patterns//

Lights and patterns//

Lights and patterns//

LIght Photography, Canon//

Light Photography, Canon//

Light Photography, Canon//

Nikon D7000 – 20 second exposure
Light Photography, Close up, Silhouette, Nikon//

Canon Rebel T2i – 30 second exposure
Light Photography, Wide shot, Canon//

Light Photography, Wide shot, Canon//


Ghost Stories and such

I couldn’t help it. Today is Friday the 13th and what better way than to write about something related. Okay, wait a minute. Friday the 13 is bad luck. Okay, so I’m going to make it connect. Friday the 13th – you know – don’t do anything to attract bad luck. It is also about the movie Friday the 13th. Scary, ya sure, ghosts.. Six degrees of separation….

Though it’s not Hallowe’en, I don’t believe ghosts come out one day a year just to scare you. It wouldn’t be as eventful if we all come to expect it once a year. But it doesn’t happen that way. What makes real ghost stories scary is it happens when we least expect it, even to non-believers. There used to be a show appropriately called Ghostly Encounters which is about real life encounters with ghosts. I’m pretty sure it’s on Slice, A and E or TLC channel. On weeknights, the Bio Channel has a show called Celebrity Ghost Stories where the format is the same but with stories from celebrities. So ghosts don’t prejudice against famous people either. I don’t think they are specifically attracted to religious/spiritual people either.

I normally have photos to accompany my stories. However, ghost stories come in most unexpected ways. My cousin, Kim, does have photo of a ghost while she visited a famous haunted house. My brother’s ex-girlfriend also has a photo of her daughter with a ghost of a child behind her. The scary part is you can see some of the detail in the photo such as the girl is wearing a dress and she looks to be around four years old. These are not my photos, therefore, I cannot post them. But if my cousin should be kind to add the one particular photo in the comments area should she read this, that would be fantastic.

I have a few ghost stories of my own. Most of them nothing major but shocking all the same because I never thought I would have any kind of experience ghost related. I often wondered what psychic sees. I asked a friend once and she says I don’t want to know. Once you are open it never shuts off. Also, most times, people lead boring lives and to be able to read that is not exciting at all. I don’t consider myself open to such things, though since I started meditating years ago, I feel I have started connecting to something greater out there. This said, most people on these ghost stories shows are not into meditating nor were they open or expecting ghosts in their lives when they experienced what they did.

As a Catholic, sometimes my family would pray novenas when we have the Mother Mary statue come to our house. On one such occasion when I was thirteen, my sister said she could smell roses which meant Mother Mary was present. I wondered why I couldn’t and she could. Years later, we did the novena again and I could smell the roses.

I moved to Canada from the Philippines when I was three. I never went back until 20 years later with my family. It was a reunion of sorts. Both my mom and dad’s side of the family haven’t seen any of us for years and it was definitely a warm welcome. We stayed there for a month. This is where we managed to meet every one of our extended family and what a large family it is. My uncle, my dad’s brother, and his family came from Florida to visit at the same time.

One evening, while at my grandfather’s house in Marinduque, I started telling known haunted places around Toronto. The Cherry Hill House on Cawthra Road. University of Toronto. I didn’t get too far before my uncle told me to stop telling these stories. So I did. We enjoyed our dinner and relaxed afterwards. The evening was coming to a close and everyone was getting ready for bed. My aunt and her family went to their home just a few steps away (these houses are not that big with no basement). My sister, brother and cousins went upstairs for bed and my mom followed to check in on them, dad in his room on the main floor, and grandfather went off to his room nearest to the kitchen. I was in the one kitchen washing my dishes and my uncle was in the servant’s kitchen on the other side of the wall. During this time, we all hear a loud crash as if dishes fell to the floor. At first, I didn’t say anything and continued to finish washing my dishes. A minute later, the same sound. I figured it was someone in the other kitchen – my uncle, a servant maybe. My uncle came through the door from the other kitchen about the same time my mother came down the stairs wondering what happened. My mom asked me what all that noise was. Everyone’s gone to bed and I shouldn’t be making all that racket. I told her it wasn’t me. She didn’t believe me. Both her and my uncle gave me a weird look. I showed them there are no broken dishes and it couldn’t be me. We couldn’t figure out the source of the noise. The loudness, the impact. It seemed like it was right in that room or the next room. Yet we couldn’t figure out the source. Where the house was located, it was a bit remote. It was never discussed again. In my head, I think it’s my grandmother’s way of saying hello. My dad was the first on his side of the family to have children and my grandmother only saw us when we were children. We moved away and she died of cancer.

Prior to us leaving, my uncle bought a couple of statues – Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mother Mary. This time, we were at one of my Aunt’s homes in Manila. We all sat around in the small living room. The statues were set on a small table. They were set facing forward. Everyone was talking quietly as I was quietly observing everyone. Someone looked at the statues about an hour later and noticed that Mother Mary turned on an angle. It was as if she was looking at my dad. We all thought it was unusual because these statues are not light and cannot move on it’s own nor would a wind be able to blow it over. Though a bit scary, everyone continued on with their conversations. My family was leaving in a few days and we were trying to make the most of our last days there. Even though I noticed earlier, someone else noted that Mother Mary moved to look to me. I was sitting across the room from my dad. So the statue would have to move about 45° in my direction. I kept quiet and wondered what it was all about.

Years later, I did experience other things when I lived on my own, from things missing and showing up later somewhere else. For example, I have a t.v. in my room and I have a specific location where I keep the remote. It’s either on the dresser, desk or my bed. One night, I was leaving for a seminar and I wanted to record a program. I could not find the remote at all. I went around my room and up and down my house for 20 minutes. I left without ever finding it. When I returned late that evening, I saw the black remote on top of the white bedsheets. I’m sure I would have seen it there earlier had it actually been there all along. I lived alone and therefore no one else could have touched the remote.

My grandmother recently passed away in December after my family returned from vacation. It did seem she waited on us so we can pay our final respects to her. Since her death, people have experienced different things from seeing shadows to hearing someone breathe. I have not experienced anything personally, but you never know.

Doing meditations for years now, I learned to see auras. Most times it’s when I’m extremely tired and I’m not thinking much. Sometimes I feel energy around me. I trained in martial arts for five years where we would meditate for a few minutes in the beginning and end of every class. As a senior belt, I came almost daily to classes. Six minutes daily does not seem a lot but add that all up for five years… Towards the end prior to me leaving the club, I started to feel very light and felt like floating at times while meditating. I wish I could go back to that feeling. I have been meditating on and off. I feel that meditating helps me to connect better to my intuition. Sometimes I dream things and they come true.

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Sock Monkey Adventures

Hello all. I want to announce that Sock Monkey has a new blog called Big Monkey Adventures. Please follow him as he takes his first trip through South America.

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