A Beautiful Day

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On Saturday, May 3rd and Sunday, May 4th, I grabbed my camera and decided to learn how to do time lapse. Initially, I took a cable release and stood there as the sun started to set. I set my Nikon D7000 on timer with 9 photos per click and 3 second delay between photos. I ended up spending almost 50 minutes. While the sunset was beautiful, I’m sure there was a more efficient way to do time lapse as I’ve seen several examples of night photography with star trails. There are cable releases specifically made to have a timer on them. My camera can also do intervals. You can set how long you want it to run with x number of photos to be taken and how many seconds or minutes you want it to wait between each shot. This is far more effective as I went online to do more research. I was limited to the number of shots I can take since I only had a 16gb SD card and I shot in both RAW and Fine jpeg formats.

Uploading and doing minor edits took a long time but in the end I was happy with what I got. On the fourth try, I took a little more time in ensuring the camera was set perfectly, i.e. focus. It was an oversight. I focused on the subject and switched the lens to manual mode thinking it would help time lapse run smoother. I did learn how to do animated gifs over a year ago and tried to apply the same principles on Photoshop to create a time lapse. I also wanted to compare how much better, or easier it would be to create a time lapse on Lightroom. I found that it was a lot of work to manage all the layers on timeline in Photoshop. At the most for one time lapse, I had about 500 photos and at the very least, I had about 150. On the other hand, Photoshop has a lot of good editing features as well as having a lot of options when converting to a video for rendering. With Lightroom, there is a plugin to create a video. I did see online that there are some extra features if you have it. In this case, I did not. After completing my edits, I went to Slideshow, converted the photos to create a slideshow and exported it as a video. Here are the results:

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360° of Marilyn Munroe

I live in Mississauga and for the past few years at least, something special has been going on. A landmark building right in our city. It is called 360° Condo, dubbed the Marilyn Munroe Towers because of its curvaceous design.

In November 2006, the mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion, announced a international competition for the fourth tower for Absolute World. There were over 600 registrants and 92 submissions from architects in seventy countries who took part in this competition.

These six finalists were announced on January 30, 2007:
• Nicholas Boyarsky, Boyarsky Murphy Architects, United Kingdom
• Michel Rojkind, rojkind arquitectos, Mexico
• Roland Rom Colthoff, Quadrangle Architects Limited, Canada
• Sebastian Messer, Studio MWM, United Kingdom
• Yansong Ma, MAD office, China
• Tarek El-Khatib, Zeidler Partnership Architects, Canada

And the winning design announced on March 28, 2007 went to Yansong Ma, founder of the MAD office, Beijing/China architectural design firm. Absolute World Condos and Townhome Condos are situated on the corner of Hurontario St. and Burhamthorpe Rd. I see it daily. Guests who come to visit from out of town are in awe of the design. Some of those who live here think it may collapse like a deck of cards because of its twisty design. I personally think it doesn’t look as nice as the art rendering they originally posted in front of the construction site. The two towers look a little anemic. With thirty something photos, I hope you enjoy the construction of these buildings.

I did check out the sales office to see what kinds of layout and price for each unit were. The three regular towers were about $350,000+ CAD while those same units in the Marilyn Monroe towers were at least $100,000 more because of the prestigious award it received. I checked out the two-bedroom and three bedroom Townhome suites because of its accessibility to the garage, garden and street level entrance. Comfortable for someone single like me but there is no room for storage. Recently, as reported on December 27, 2011, a penthouse suite went up for sale at a cost of $3.2 million. Cost to build it: $40 million.

For more information on these buildings and amenities, please check out Absolute World at: http://www.mississauga4sale.com/Condos-GTA/90-Absolute-Avenue.htm.