Hot Summer Nights with Salsa Music


Summer is in full swing with plenty to do and events to attend. Although it feels like I’ve done nothing in the summer with many days where I just want to rest, it has been filled with picnics, socializing, events, festivals……. and music. Given that most events do include music, I signed up to learn samba music a few months ago. It’s a very casual environment with a leader who is full of smiles, laughter and charisma. I look forward to the end of (or start of) every week with classes. It takes place every Sunday evening. It allows everyone enough time to do what they want for the weekend before coming in. It is very non-committal also since we pay for drop in classes. So flexible. And it fills my soul to be able to play the music I love.

One of my favourite places is Mississauga’s Celebration Square.

Since it’s inception on June 22, 2011, it has played host to several events including many cultural festivals, ribfests, movie nights, fitness Wednesdays, streamed many sporting events including World Soccer, opening ceremony of Pan Am Games (Toronto) as well as NBA 2019 Finals (Jurassic Park West). Events often include many local performers, including my capoeira group on at least a couple of occasions for Canada Day. On it’s first Canada Day Celebration, Shawn Desman and Fefe Dobson performed. A councilor pitched to have the street between the square and city hall closed for the summer to be used as a pedestrian walk. It was so successful that it has now become a tradition to close this street every year.

It is a fantastic venue. It is centralized in the downtown core with access by car or transit. It’s the best option to those who don’t want to have to commute to Toronto for events and outings.

Here is a look at three videos captured from Friday, August 2nd. It continues all weekend until Sunday evening.




Matsuri – Japanese Summer Festival 2016

During the summer when most people are not working during evenings and weekends, that’s when I start work. Whether freelance or for the company I work for, I work when people are available. So when I get a chance to catch a summer event or have time to hang out with friends, I appreciate the time off.

Here’s what I saw at Mississauga’s first Matsuri – Japanese Summer Festival:

Matsuri - Japanese Summer Festival//

Nagata Shachu Taiko Drumming
Nagata Shachu//

Nagata Shachu//

Nagata Shachu//

Nagata Shachu//

Mayor Bonnie Crombie Addresses the crowd during 35th Sister City Anniversary Ceremony between Mississauga and Kariya
Mayor Bonnie Crombie addresses the crowd//

Breaking the Mirror Ceremony
Sake Wine Cask Breaking Ceremony
Sake Cask Breaking//

Shishimai – Traditional Japanese Lion Dance

Shishimai - Traditional Japanese Lion Dance//

Fuu-Wa Japanese Group Singers

J-pop: Niji no Conquistador
Niji no Conquistador - J Pop//

Mississauga Kendo Club
Mississauga Kendo Club//

Mississauga Kendo Club//

The Toronto Kimono Club
The Toronto Kimono Club//

The Toronto Kimono Club//

The Toronto Kimono Club//

STORYTiME Contemporary Street Dance Performers
STORYTiME Contemporary: Street Dance Performance//

STORYTiME Contemporary: Street Dance Performance and Workshop//

TBC Buyo Group
TBC Buyo Group//

Kimono Fun Club & Others
Kimono Fun Club//
Kimono Fun Club//

Kimono Fun Club//