Hello 2019!

Winter at Port Credit Waterfront, Mississauga//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

While posts have been few and far in between, this year and the years to follow will be more about self care and focusing on what’s important to me. While 2017 was fantastic with opportunities to travel places within Ontario and connecting with family, 2018 was not so easy at all. It was a surprise to even be able to fit in some joyful moments as I look through my social media accounts and see what I captured. Having Screen Time on my iPhone shows me how distracted I am with social media and it brings awareness to where my time is going.

Initially when I started this blog, it was more about the photographs I took. That quickly fell away as I became busy.  Before, I used to loosely plan what I’d like to spend time on (i.e. edit photos that may take an entire weekend or more), life was a bit off kilter as I didn’t do much connecting at all, not even paying much attention to my needy cats.

Yes, I had goals, ideas of what my life would be like five years, ten years down the road. Now I think to myself, how much closer am I to these goals? Did I even attempt to take steps towards these goals? Even with the photos I took, as enjoyable as they were to take because I had to go out to take them (mostly landscapes), it was partly for show like posting on Instagram. It was actually time consuming and Instagram was and is very fickle if you’re not posting every few days. I watched as I gained and lost followers so easily.

Now, it’s about committing to the things that make me happy and letting go of things that are not working for me. It’s also creating a balance. That includes any and all things that relate to connecting with people, creating memories, travel and all things that brings happiness and relaxation. While I will still continue to go out and take photographs, it will be with a sense of purpose instead of just feeding social media just for show. I can’t deny I will still be using social media. I will still be posting for sure. This time it will be with more soul and purpose.

So I begin with backtracking just a bit to Christmas that just past. Yes, I know, it has been almost two months now. Who cares? I like it and it makes me happy to get together with people that matter and having our Sunday best. I also like these photos because it shows how we can celebrate by creating that kind of atmosphere to make it special.


For Christmas, I had also put together photo books for family members. What joy it created since each were curated specifically for each recipient. What fun it was to look at these photo books as family members sat around. The stories, the memories, the comments, the likes and dislikes. It made each person feel special as they saw themselves in print, not just digital images on a phone or social media. These photo books are physical items they can pull out anytime, even many years down the road and recall all these memories. Descriptions that include places, dates, and names help jog memories young and old. For my niece and nephews, since they are that age of learning to read, it also helps them see these things written down.


**First image: winter, Port Credit, Mississauga waterfront


Toronto, Ontario

A time lapse video of the Toronto sign at Nathan Phillips Square and a view of the Toronto skyline at dawn set to a song called Investigative Medium.