Photographing for Social Media

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Summer is around the corner and it’s time to experience, capture and share moments. Not as often as some others, but I have checked into places, shared food porn photos of the best places I’ve eaten at, and Instagram’d away of places I’ve visited with my sidekick, Sock Monkey. While it’s fun, I put in a little extra care and thought on composing photographs since every social media platform is different on how they display images. I put together a cheat sheet on what to think about when composing. Also, I do like adding my logo and invisible watermark (metadata) along with editing my photos in Lightroom and/or Photoshop. Not everyone has to do it, and I do admit it’s a lot more work for the few clicks it takes to upload photos to social media, but it’s also too easy for people to download images from sites like Instagram. Check out my quick tips below along with a more enhanced look at various social media sites from’s site.





A better view of these tips can be seen on my official Facebook Page:

Here’s a more detailed look at various social media sites via



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