Top Photos From My Flickr Photostream

Since reactivating my Flickr account after a four year absence, I’ve uploaded more photos and renamed my account. Here are the top photos from the last three months:


© 2012 Grecel Nepomuceno


© Grecel Nepomuceno 2011

Bon Echo Provincial Park – taken from a kayak

© 2012 Grecel Nepomuceno

Puerto Montt, Chile – Puerto Varas to Frutillar tour


© 2012 Grecel Nepomuceno

Pinnacle Grill hamburger, MS Veendam cruise

I am happy to report that I have been accepted to the PMP internship program at a major telecommunications company as photographer. I have a lot to learn and a lot to prove, but I am glad to even be accepted where there is only a 3% hiring rate for this program. I will be uploading more photos as soon as they’re ready.

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