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Most often when I do work for my company or through freelance work, I like to keep them confidential unless I’m given permission for portfolio purposes. For portfolio work, I head to the studio. This way, I have permission from the model to post their images and people can see what I can do.

On June 15th, I managed to drop in at the studio as a last minute decision to catch one of their workshops (posted that morning) that was held in the evening. The theme was patterns and lights. I worked with both Canon and Nikon during the light photogrpahy portion. Both cameras were on a tripod with Canon having a wider shot. I wanted to see if there was a difference between the two cameras. Aside from the slight variation in settings, the images were slightly different in that Canon had a warmer tint. I was able to warm up the images for Nikon in the editing stage. Here’s what I took:

Lights and patterns//

Lights and patterns//

Lights and patterns//

LIght Photography, Canon//

Light Photography, Canon//

Light Photography, Canon//

Nikon D7000 – 20 second exposure
Light Photography, Close up, Silhouette, Nikon//

Canon Rebel T2i – 30 second exposure
Light Photography, Wide shot, Canon//

Light Photography, Wide shot, Canon//



On my last post, I discussed inspiration and how a model came up with her Harlequin outfit and made it her own using latex material. Personality is what separates us from each other.

I must admit that it’s not easy to look at what others are doing and not compare myself. This said, I think we all must look to something to strive for better while not stealing other people’s ideas. Part of creativity is to push the envelope and come with innovating ideas – something that people have not seen before. When I think of innovation, I think of 3M. Why? Because they bring innovative ideas to products we already use and make them better. I thought their slogan went somewhere along those lines but I looked it up and they simply use the word Innovation. Why did I think of them in the first place? Because I used to work in the printing industry and I always had a connection to one of the sales reps who told me about products that can make my work life easier.

I once was in a workshop where we had a discussion about how the world came to where it is now. How the world became modernized was because of the countless people out there who thought outside the box and came up with things such as cars, the lightbulb, and telephone. Had these inventors and scientists given up on the first few tries, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

With this said, here’s who I look to in the photography field for inspiration.

Orange Roads
Although the photographer mainly does boudoir photography, her portfolio shows versatility and talent. She has won many international awards for her creative fine arts pieces and has done many ad campaigns.
This particular blog pays tribute to a talented model named Ophelia who shows off her talent as a model in various costumes.

While people I know have the wrong idea about boudoir, I think about how nice it would be if people were just more confident in themselves. Yes, when I did boudoir photography for the first time, it was highly uncomfortable. But when I think about it, how will I grow and learn if I don’t show versatility like these ladies have? It’s certainly going to be a hard sell at first, and I certainly won’t do a photo shoot if a person is uncomfortable. I just think back to the time when I worked at Fujifilm Canada Inc. producing photo books. There was a good number of people who unsuccessfully did self portraits in boudoir fashion. I’m sure it was meant for someone special in their lives, but had they invested in professional photography, the outcome would probably be better. It certainly doesn’t have to be advertised that they had done such a photo shoot. Imagine the confidence they would feel just by hiring someone who knows what they’re doing and making these ladies look good. So as me and my colleagues gather around to look at these photo books every time they passed through our hands, we all talk about what people are thinking. Because seriously, even if you’re behind a computer uploading these photos by yourself, these books do have to be produced somehow. Someone is looking for sure. I don’t know about other photographers but my main goal is to make you look good because it is up to my skills to make it so.


© All Rights Reserved

© All Rights Reserved

How many of you have hung out with a crowd of creative people?

What I’ve noticed for a long time is how they seemingly live comfortably in their own skin and radiate a certain kind of mojo about them. I actually do admire them a lot for following their own paths. I especially like people with a lot of flair. I’m not just talking about creative people; anyone really who exhibits personality – the hard rocker who I came across years ago with a style of her own who exhibited kindness with confidence and a smile; and Brice Johnston who gave his opinions during tribal council in Survivor before being voted off. You get the idea.

At a photo shoot, the model came in with a couple of costume changes, both of which she made herself. Nothing elaborate, but enough to go with the theme she had in mind. She had discussed how she had all these ideas running in her mind and she can’t wait to create these costumes in latex nonetheless. The photo above is the model with her Harlequin costume. At first I didn’t get it. But as I started to edit her images, I researched what it was all about. Harlequin is not just a romantic publishing company. He is one of the most popular comic servant characters, known as zanni, introduced by Tristano Martinelli in Itallian Commedia dell’arte. He wore a checkered costume. The name itself was derived from a mischievous “devil.” (Read more on this:

Moving forward on my journey as a photographer, I have come across many professionals in my field. As I understand, it’s highly competitive and we’re all trying to get by. Still I move forward because in the end, I cannot think for a minute how my life would be like if I didn’t try. That would be a bigger regret than trying at all. On a discussion with one photographer, he said it’s a matter of finding my own mojo and being able to relate to people. My own style will come out.

On this note, I am happy to say I have an official website.

Check it out here:

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