Ghost Tour at Fort George, Niagara on the Lake

Ghost Tour at Fort George, Niagara on the Lake//

For the first time, I attend a Ghost Tour and it’s at Fort George. While I do not know what to expect, there’s a bit of excitement growing as groups of people gather in the gift shop. Tours run every 30 minutes and each tour is approximately 1.5 – 2.0 hours long. This tour does run throughout the year, but it is seemingly more special as Samhain approaches.

Kyle, our tour guide, has been working at Fort George for over 20 year. He wears a period cape coat/Victorian cloak similar to what Sherlock Holmes would wear except in black. He lights a candle in a lantern which would guide us through the darkness.

Aside from the basic warnings of staying on the path since it’s so dark and we could trip and fall, he asks us not to call attention to group from the spirit world when it’s so close to Hallowe’en. The group is seemingly in agreement since we probably don’t want to be put in a vulnerable spot if something were to really happen. Or at the very least, I don’t want anything to happen to me and therefore would never dare to call attention from the spirit world. Kyle mentions that he doesn’t know if anything will be seen that night. It really is unpredictable if, when or how something will show up.

According to Kyle, all the stories told during that evening are true. Before its inception, they had to research and ask those who have lived and worked there. Of the many stories that come through, only a few were worthwhile to tell. As the tours began, stories also started coming from those who worked there as well as from visitors who have taken the tours. Many years later since its inception, they have a good collection of stories to tell.

As the tour begins, I could tell from the way Kyle speaks that it’s going to be good. Because it’s not like the amusement parks Hallowe’en themed events, Kyle has to rely on how he tells the stories to entertain everyone. Honestly, he did a very good job of it. The intonations, the pauses, the humour and honesty of having to think on the spot as we stop at one point for the tour group ahead of us to finish.

At the end of the evening, I personally didn’t see anything. This said, I did feel a pressure on my head that I know for sure wasn’t a headache. It comes and goes real quickly. This was just before Kyle mentions that a few psychics refuse to go beyond a certain point. While I don’t want to give too much away (you must go to find out for yourself), there’s this uneasiness as we head down the hill towards the tunnel and into the tunnel. While I tell myself not to go inside, I start taking small steps. I tell myself to stay near the back or outside. But no….being vertically challenged, I stay ahead of the pack because I want to see and hear better. I’m worried nothing of the spiritual world would be behind me but I still continue moving forward to stay near the tour guide, Kyle. I keep my back against the wall to….you know….be sure no one else or thing is behind me. I’m scared at this point. As soon as we’re out of the tunnel, I feel better. While Kyle mentions that the tunnel is nothing really significant aside from the fact that it’s a lookout point, he does tell a few stories that sends shivers to everyone (or to me at the very least). Kyle gauges how well the tour is going from how reactive we have been to the stories throughout the tour.

By the end of the tour, I am satisfied I attended. I wasn’t able to get many photos since it was held in the dark except for the lanterns that helped guide us. I recommend this tour.

Inside the tunnel

Ghost Tour at Fort George, Niagara on the Lake//

A lantern in the barracks

Ghost Tour at Fort George, Niagara on the Lake//

An electric lantern in an officer’s home

Ghost Tour at Fort George, Niagara on the Lake//