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Have any of you tried pet photography?

If you have, you would know the difficulty in capturing pets because they are constantly moving around. With the guidance of the owner, you can get a pet to look at the camera with commands and calling out their name. I had the experience of photographing a handful of pets to build a portfolio. While difficult, especially with the last dog being blind, I found it tiring as well as satisfying.

I’ve talked to several people about pet photography. For those who have lost their loved ones, they have told me they wish they had professional photos done as a keepsake. Up until I had three cats, I never understood why people were so attached to their four-legged fur friends. I now know that pets are considered family and it’s tough when you lose one. I once gave one of the kittens away when my cat gave birth to three. I cried.

As I begin to practice more with pets, I managed to capture a few photos in HDR – high dynamic range. For those who know, HDR photos require more than one photo bracketed in different exposures. When merged, it will give a greater tonal range between highlights and shadows. To achieve this is extremely difficult with pets because they are always on the move unless resting. An example below is my pet cat in HDR.

© All Rights Reserved

© All Rights Reserved

What separates a picture from a portrait is how the image is captured. A plain picture can be made extraordinary by changing the angle or zooming in to give it a different perspective.

For more images on animals and pet photography, click on the link here: http://goo.gl/IKwJQc

My lovable pet cats

Boots, Benny, Kikko

In a week’s time, my cats will be turning four. Four years ago, the owner of a martial arts club I trained at was looking for someone to take in one of two cats that were abandoned. Looking at the photo of the female, I fell in love. I never thought I would be a cat owner. I always thought I would have a dog instead. I decided to ask about it and in a couple of weeks, I finally have myself a cat named Nike.

Never being a pet owner, I learned as I went. I lived on my own and Nike enjoyed having all of my attention. Looking at her personality, I think she is a human stuck in a cat body. I’d call her once in a while and find she’s exploring under my bed and come out meowing with her paw out to say she’s there. Not knowing any better, I just assumed she was a big eater instead of being pregnant.

One Sunday night, as I went to sleep, she started to act real funny. I mean, she was acting funny all day not wanting attention from me at all. That night, she jumped onto my bed with an unusually loud meow. Then lays on her back to be petted. Or so I think. She keeps acting weird and I think maybe she needs to be carried to the cat litter to do her business. Weird. She normally can go on her own. We didn’t make it. When I got to the main floor, she runs to the space beneath the kitchen sink and starts meowing crazily. I didn’t know what to do. I call the 24 hr emergency vet clinic and ask what I should do. They are asking me questions and want to know if I can get the cat to the clinic. I’m not even sure because I don’t even have a cat carrier. The martial arts instructor dropped off the cat at my house a couple of months earlier.

While making my calls and asking dad to give me a lift and so on, it was all of a sudden quiet except for a smaller, higher pitched meow. OMG! A kitten was just born. That’s what all this was about. She was sitting on top of Nike. Nike turned her body slightly so I can have a better look of her newborn. So beautiful. I called work that night unsure what to say. I asked them to give me time off, whether they wanted to call it a vacation day or sick day or whatever. I don’t care. I was staying home. Surprisingly, they let me. It probably wasn’t busy at work, or they would have told me to come. The next morning, three more – I believe one wasn’t viable. It turned out that I am now grandma to three kittens. First was Boots on Sunday, April 7th, and the other two were Benny and Kikko the next morning.

The photo pictured above was taken at ten days old. Nike was extremely upset and very watchful as I took her babies into the one room for photographs. At one point, I put the kittens on an Ikea seat. Nike was concerned and had to scope it out. She saw the possibility of the kittens falling off the edge. She jumped to that side and laid on the ground to make sure the kittens would safely fall on her. That time, the kittens were slowly learning to walk and almost did fall over. I caught them with my hand. Over time, Nike came to realize that people came to see the kittens instead of her. She became jealous and it’s never been the same since.

I enjoyed watching the kittens grow. They fit in the palm of my hand and now they are all grown up. Boots of course is a Princess, Benny is a loner with some unusual habits and Kikko is living with another family. Yes, I regret giving Kikko away. All the cats are smart in their own way. Nike is still griping over how much attention the other cats get. Currently, they are at a pet boarding place. Sad, yes. I do not want to give up my cats as much as possible. I do get to visit them as much as I want.

So if you are a cat or pet lover, I hope you enjoy these photos.

Brand New Day for Benny - Just opening her eyes at ten days old

At ten days old - Benny, Boots, Kikko

All grown up…






Benny and Boots


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